IMG_2776.JPGlife is full of surprises, good and bad ones, but if i had to choose one word to sum up life, it would be uncertainty.

as the days pass by, and as i grow older and older, the less concrete things seem. i have less answers and less understanding of certain situations. many situations in life seem more confusing and i find myself lost in this uncertainty.

uncertainty is a hard matter to wrestle with. its exhausting worrying about how a situation will play out, or what will happen next, but there is something that combats uncertainty that is kind of unexplainable.


i have been facing many situations that could be described by the word uncertainty lately. for example, college. i am moving to a new state, with new people, and it is hard to imagine what to expect. i find myself worrying about who my roommate will be, if i will make friends, if i will meet my husband while i am at manhattan christian college. all of these worries leave the taste of uncertainty in my mouth, and let me tell you, its not the sweetest taste that has been on my tongue. but this peace that i have mentioned is so unexplainable. although i don’t know how my life is going to play out over the course of the next several months or even years, i have this peace of mind and heart that all is going to work out for my good.  have confidence in this, because my Father has promised me these things. i know that as messy as my life can become, and as uncertain as i can get, that the Lord already knows what is in store for me, all i have to do is trust Him and what He says. my roll is small, all i have to do us entrust my life into the hands of My Creator and leave the rest up to Him.

so whether i am uncertain about what i will eat today, or who i will marry, the Lord knows these things and has a lifetime of adventure and answers for me to discover as I patiently wait for Him to reveal these mysteries to me down the road of uncertainty.




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