we aren’t called to be comfortable.

i’m not sure what is more difficult; being complacent or being daring.

at times, i find myself staying in my comfort zones, hanging out with the same people at the same places, all the time. doing this can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be super dangerous.

as a christian, i know the Lord has not called me to be comfortable. He hasn’t called me to pitch my tent in the middle of the forest and stay there. no. being a christian is the equivalent to being a backpacker. we are called to be adventurous. we are called to be daring and on the move.

Jesus set this example for us Himself. He had the twelve disciples but He was not attached to the hip with them. He set out and rather than only hanging around his disciples, he set an example for them and hung around sinners. His goal was to show love to the unlovable, and because that was the example that he set, that is the example that we are also called to set. it is so easy for us to be stuck in our own little world, in our own selfish routines, but that is the opposite of how we are supposed to be.

a wise person once told me, “be available.” this has been some of the best advice i have ever received. flexibility in our faith is so important. whether its flexibility to deal with something that goes wrong, or flexibility to be available for someone who you may not even know. to have a conversation to get to know someone who may not have the slightest clue who Jesus is is what we are called to do.

complacency is not the life that the Lord has set before us. He has called us to live a wild life, and He will be alongside us on the adventure.


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