beauty I

beauty is something that is unrecognized for what it was meant to be. beauty has been  transformed into this physical idea, that things have to “look” beautiful to be beautiful. that isn’t the case. beauty is not about what is on the outside. it’s not about what our hair looks like, how skinny you are, how perfect your face looks with makeup on. it’s not about your clothes, or how fit you are. it’s not about the things that are so quick to fade away. things that are fleeting and temporary. when we will realize that beauty, true beauty, lies beneath the skin? when will our generation realize that beauty is heart that is kind and shows that kindness to a hateful person. that beauty is a person who extends grace to someone who doesn’t deserve it. that it is someone who is willing to listen rather than speak and be ignorant. that it is the peace that intercedes when there is conflict. that it is going out of your way to make someone smile. true beauty does not come from the outside, but it lies beneath the skin.

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