the resurrection changes everything

Tonight at youth group, we were talking about the resurrection and how the resurrection changes things. We touched on four things that Jesus’ resurrections changes- our past, our future, our purpose, and our identity. We touched on all four of these points for a decent amount of time, until one of my girls brought up identity, and how she felt that she wasn’t good enough, or good at anything. This is something that I can wholeheartedly relate to often, and I bet many of you may be able to relate to as well.

It’s hard somedays to recognize what we are good at, what we thrive in, what we are here for. Her mentioning her identity flaws got the ball rolling of how untrue that statement she said about herself is. Lots of conversation began flying around the room we were sitting in, and at first I just observed this conversation and listened to what more of the girls and the other leaders had to say. I say, and listened and thought, and then I finally spoke up and said something along these lines:

Identity. Our society loves to tell us that we have to be good at certain things, that we have to thrive at something to be considered good enough, or important, that we have to be a certain way to be accepted. But the voices that are yelling that at us are so incredibly wrong. We get caught up and buy into this lie that our identity is in what we say and what we do. That our identity is in how good we are at something. That it i sin what we have to offer, and if what we have to offer is nothing or us not good enough, then we are worthless. No. This is so wrong. Our identity in Christ has nothing to do with performance. Our identity in Christ has nothing to do with being good at singing, or dancing, or encouraging other, it has nothing to do with what you look like, or if you are the most popular person at school, it has nothing to do with works, at all. Our identity in Christ is found in the pure fact that Jesus died for us. That He died for us because we are worth it. Not because we did anything, but because He loves us.

Guys, our identity in Christ has nothing to do with performance. You are called loved. You are called worthy. You are called beautiful. You are called enough. You are called brave. You are called child. You are called perfect— none of this has to do with anything you have done, can do, or will do. None of this is because of your works. It isn’t because of who you know, how you act, where you’ve been, where you are, or where you’re going. No, it isn’t because of any of these things, but instead it is because of the resurrection. It is because Jesus died for you because He loves you. Thank God that we can have a perfect identity in Christ.

I know, thats crazy right? In a world today, where everything we do is performance based and task-oriented, you have received an identity in Christ simply because of His love for you, which has nothing to do with anything you’ve ever done. No, it’s not crazy, it’s a change. It’s different than what we’re used to. It’s uncommon, but oh man, are we lucky.

The resurrection changes everything, including our identity. Will you let it change you? Will you let it continue changing you?



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